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Security tokens are representations of securities issued using a blockchain infrastructure. As they are securities, the typical securities laws from the issuer and investor jurisdictions apply. Our Technology platform enables global compliance, during the issuance and during the lifecycle of the financial instruments. Determine the legal structure. Various options are available, and the owner can choose to tokenize the equity of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), a debenture, or another form of participation right such as revenue or profit.


When security tokens are issued, they must only be allocated eligible and approved investors. The onchain representation of the securities must be permissioned tokens in order to apply compliance during transfers. They should also include control features to handle future management and administrative operations.


Tokenized securities are centralized financial instruments using a decentralized infrastructure. It means issuers are always in control of their token supply and investors cannot lose their securities, even if they lose access to their wallet. Custody fees are drastically reduced for issuers and can totally disappear for investors.


Using a public blockchain and controlling compliance at the token level allows the issuer to access a global network of distributors and investors. On the primary market, standardization and digital tools accelerate the distribution directly to investors or via online marketplaces. On the secondary market, interoperability between onchain systems enables marketplaces and exchanges to increase liquidity. Direct transfers between investors can be done with reduced costs.


Tokenization will mostly bring its benefits post-issuance. For issuers, operations such as corporate actions and reporting are easily managed. Tokenization increases transparency and operational efficiency. Manage investors effectively through the issuer dashboard:


For investors, digital assets can be transferred easily, at low cost and with compliance automatically enforced. Easily manage portfolios through the customisable investor portal:

For Institutions and Businesses

The Only All-in-One Fully Digital Solution
Confidently raise capital, compliantly onboard investors, enable liquidity and manage your shareholders throughout the security lifecycle, all enabled by blockchain technology.
The Importance of Going Digital
The tokens represent digital ownership of a fraction of the asset, making it possible to buy, sell, and trade fractional ownership of the asset.

Increased Liquidity by facilitating the trading of fractional ownership.

Blockchain technology provides a Transparent and Immutable ledger of ownership

Lower Costs by eliminating intermediaries and reducing paperwork

Improve Access to investments for a wider range of investors

Securitize Business Solutions

Learn more about our solutions, as well as additional features and services available to fit your company’s specific needs

Easily tokenize and manage subscription into an Investment Fund by Professional & Retail Investors in a compliant manner

Manage multiple HNWIs wealth via an Actively Managed Certificate on Blockchain

Account Receivables and Business Collaterals can be efficiently tokenized to access liquidity

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